Rails and Banister Systems in Road Building and Bridge Engineering

Highest QUALITY, maximal SAFETY and STABILITY are just a few of the demands our clients put on the material “steel” used in road building and bridge engineering.

“… in the eye of the beholder”: Bridge railing and steel banisters can do so much more than ‘just’ meeting safety and quality standards: they can be beautiful, elegant; they can convince even the most spoilt and expert eye. It is therefore, that our team spares no efforts to create railings putting into consideration aspects such as elegant DESIGN, MODERNITY, and assimilation with features of the landscape.

The GOSCH & ZMUGG Group have become experts in the development and production of INDIVIDUALLY DESIGNED SOLUTIONS of steel. In creating new products we always strictly abide by norms and safety regulations. In addition, we never forget to customise development and production of our “steely solutions” according to what exactly is needed and wanted by our clients.

The DEMANDS put on our products are high. These expectations require highest RESPONSIBILITY on our part and we are very proud to meet both, expectations and the high degree of responsibility. Therefore, we only hire and employ well-experienced staff and we regularly invest in modern technical equipment and machines.

We, YOUR EXPERTS in the development, production and also in the installation of bridge railings and steel banisters put much emphasis on safety and highest quality. The RVS CERTIFICATE, which we provide, guarantees for a high-quality product, produced, delivered and installed professionally.

We invite you to browse our virtual gallery, to gain some first impressions of what we do and how we do it. The images show you some APPLICATION FIELDS and ALTERNATIVES of how to create and where to install individually designed solutions of steel in the field of bridge railings and steel banisters. We feel certain that our products will convince you of our expertise.