Stainless steel has been known for years as a valuable construction material in all branches of industry. Stainless steel – a definitely precious material with remarkable visual and mechanical properties – has become our most reliable and indispensable partner. Today the range of stainless steel is quasi unlimited, it has become highly valued for its universal usefulness and it is therefore the most demanded material – worldwide.

Thanks to its reliable finishing, texture of surface, HIGH RESISTANCE to environmental, mechanical and chemical influences, loading CAPACITY, corrosion resistance and resistance to acids, stainless steel has become an ESSENTIAL PART in architecture, in the home, in the chemical industry, in the car and motorcycles industry, in transports, in medical technology … Many of the mentioned branches estimate stainless steel especially because of its advantages with regard to hygiene standards and concinnity.

The industrial sector has become the branch where products of highest quality, products which are highly resistant to whatever kind of influence, where special and individual solutions are indispensable. We have been specialising on products made with ACCURACY on every DETAIL. We produce with stainless steel, fireproof stainless steel, or with black steel.

All our products are made with accuracy on every detail according to the demand of our customers.