Stainless steal in the home
Stainless steel can be found EVERYWHERE in the home. Thanks to characteristics such as high QUALITY, functionality, ALLURE, safety, and TRANSFORMABILITY, stainless steel has become one of the most often demanded materials used to DESIGN banisters, roofs, stairways, furniture, claddings etc.

Stainless steel has been known as one of the most AESTHETIC materials which can be used in design; its noble appearance is more than convincing: ELEGANCE whatever the spoilt and expert eye is glancing at! Thanks to its wide range of surface finishes – matt, shiny, smooth, rough, combinations of all finishes by juxtaposing them, by adding other material such as glass or wood, by adding colour … stainless steel has become the incorporation of BEAUTY.

A LIFETIME of beauty
Its ETERNITY, the ease of the material’s maintenance, and its classic beauty have been convincing a growing number of people for ages to make stainless steel the bearer of beauty, individuality, and nobility in their home. Additionally, the fact that stainless steel can be recycled and is BIOLOGICALLY NEUTRAL convinces even more admirers of fine and individual constructions to decide for the environmental protecting material.

Naturally, CREATIVE and individual design includes a strict obedience to all norms and regulations of safety. Constructions of all SHAPES and sizes, COMBINATIONS with other materials are not only possible, they also increase the appeal of products made of stainless steel.

Clear lines, frisky forms, roofages, fencings, decors and accessories indoors and outdoors, panelling, knobs and handles … stainless steel has become and will always be THE MATERIAL which guarantees for LIFELONG beauty, for GENERATIONS of customers’ SATISFACTION.