Engagement, Responsibility, and Reliability
One of the highest goals of the GOSCH & ZMUGG Group has been to guarantee for excellent standards of quality of our products. We realise that meeting these requirements also means to ensure a reliable service of maintenance and repair of production plants.

It is essential that maintenance and technical service are accomplished regularly to be able to act BEFORE reaction is necessary: that is to maintain and service the machines before a possible malfunction causes a stoppage. Taking preventative measures keeps the production process working fluently and guarantees for a long natural life of your machines, facilities and equipment.

Prevention and Planning = EFFICIENCY.
It is always possible that unplanned stoppages happen, BUT a well-conceived and structurally projected maintenance schedule can PREVENT you from such unwelcome machine failures. It is a fact that the natural life time of machines and production facilities can be prolonged enormously ‘just’ by maintenance and technical service carried out regularly by competent and qualified technical staff. The expenditure of a regularly carried out maintenance and technical service is comparably low if you consider the enormous costs incurred by machine failure and thereby caused stoppages.

Avoiding and minimising signals of use, damages, and stoppages are measures to be taken in order to guarantee for safety in your company. Fluent production and business processes stand for EFFICIENCY, economic working and CONTENTMENT. Regularly carried out measures of maintenance and technical service guarantee for safety, efficiency, for your and for your customers’ satisfaction, AND these measures also make sure that potential environmental burdens are kept as small as possible.

MAN and ENVIROMENT are both focussed on in our company as are SAFETY, RELIABILITY and highest QUALITY of our service and products.