FLEXIBILITY – one of the most important ‘must haves’ of a company which seeks to hold steady to the market. Intellectual, productive and economic flexibility are amongst the highest goals to be reached to match the needs of a permanently changing and moving society.

CREATIVITY – a large pool of knowhow as well as an optimised reaction rate become more and more important for being able to solve your customers’ problems, to perform tasks as quickly, unbureaucratically, reliably, efficiently and at highest standards as possible. BUT we must not forget: the factor MAN is and will always be IMPORTANT.

ELASTICITY – in both factors: machine and man. It is imperative for a modern company to be able to rely on and recourse on a pool of competent and qualified staff quickly and straightforwardly. Outsourcing is necessary as you permanently need to meet different and new expectations. Our highly qualified and competent personnel give you the certainty of being able to react to a quickly changing market, to permanently relocating needs of your customers efficiently and flexibly.

PROFIT MAXIMISATION and a STABLE Market SHARE and POSITION can be reached only by applying perfectly targeted resources. The GOSCH & ZMUGG Group provides a large pool of competent personnel in different areas. Competence, knowhow, experience and flexibility are basic prerequisites for a successful business.

Your ADVANTAGES are that you only PROFIT and BENEFIT from our service. Some of the points you benefit from are:


Do not hesitate and get in touch with us – we are glad to advice you: UNBUREAUCRATICALLY, COMPETENT and INDIVUDUALLY.