RESPONSIBILITY and TECHNICAL IMPROVEMENT – these are two of the characteristics which have become inherent to the GOSCH & ZMUGG Group.

It has been since 2001 that the GOSCH & ZMUGG Group successfully produces and develops high-standard, individual and CUSTOM-MADE products from steel. Our success is substantiated in the following factors:

FIRST-CLASS theoretical and practical education and apprenticeship of the company founders, Ing. Markus Gosch and Bernhard Zmugg, have been as essential for the company’s success as have been professional EXPERIENCE and total MOTIVATION of all employees and workers.

By now, the GOSCH & ZMUGG Group consists of three branches with establishments in STEYEREGG and WILDON. This dynamic and meteoric growth of our company can be ascribed to two factors which have always had a high SIGNIFICANCE in our company’s PHILOSOPHY:  our customers’ satisfaction and an excellent quality of our services and products are imperative to us.

Among other things, customers’ safety and security are very important and therefore permanent part of our politics. It is not only important to provide highly secure products with an immaculate quality, but also to provide our customers with a PERFECT SERVICE. The GOSCH & ZMUGG Group, as a prime contractor, is able to provide their customers with a PROFOUND service at any time needed.

Advice, consulting and planning, organising, control of clearing and settlement, production, fabrication and installation, accounting and billing, maintenance and technical service – this and much more is provided by the GOSCH & ZMUGG Group – quickly and unbureaucratically.